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It might come as a surprise that a core strengthening program does NOT include crunches! In this video, exercise physiologist Allison Westfahl shares why her Core Envy program gives you permission to stop doing crunches -- forever!

Why There Are No Crunches in the Core Envy Program

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Are you satisfied with your toning program? If so, that's great news.

But if you haven't been getting the summer season results you want, why not take a look at Core Envy?

Exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer Allison Westfahl offers a closer look at how her Core Envy program works in this video. Allison’s 8-week Core Envy program is a better way to tone and sculpt. Core Envy lays out a triple threat of cardio workouts, sculpting routines, and a diet makeover. It’s a balanced approach that promotes both fitness and weight loss, and you won’t need a gym to make it happen.

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