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Congrats on starting the Core Envy program! By joining this community you are walking hand in hand with other women who have the same struggles and victories, and you can reach out to us at any time to get tips, advice, and encouragement.


Speaking of tips, here are a few you might find helpful when starting the program:

  1. The program is divided into 3 levels for the cardio and core strength portions. I strongly recommend starting at level 1 and then working your way up. Even if you’re a seasoned endurance athlete, you might find some of the core strengthening exercises challenging simply because they are non-traditional and will challenge your body in new ways. You can always move up quickly through the levels if you aren’t being pushed to your limits.
  2. Need help figuring out how some of the moves look in motion? Check out some of the videos I’ve filmed that show all three levels of the exercises (link to videos).
  3. Follow others who are on the same journey by liking my Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. (insert links).
  4. Join my mailing list! I promise not to bombard you with emails – you’ll only get notified when I’ve made a new blog entry about the book, or when there is a special offer for you to take advantage of. And I never share your personal info with anyone, ever.

Have fun, and go get the enviable core!