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Today's featured Core Envy sculpting exercise: C Series. Core exercises performed from a standing position are a favorite of mine. After all, this is primarily the position from which we call upon the core muscles to work for us in daily life, and we need to train them accordingly. This particular movement also benefits  your posture because it elongates the spine and helps open up the shoulders.

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Today's featured Core Envy sculpting exercise: Twisting Side Plank. If you're already using the Core Envy program, you were introduced to Side Planks in the Balance & Isometrics routine, where you learned how to set up the fundamental Side Plank pose and hold it for a given amount of time. In this exercise, you'll call upon the balance you have developed and add to it an upper-body twist to create rotational strength through the core.

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Today's featured Core Envy sculpting exercise: Hip Bridges. I love this exercise because it works the gluteals and the muscles on the back side of the core while being easy on the knees. It's quite common to feel the quadriceps attempting to do all the work during this movement, so try to focus on releasing the quads and forcing the glutes and hamstrings to fire.

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Today's featured Core Envy sculpting exercise: Single-Leg Kicks. This is a hip extension exercise that works the gluteal muscles as well as the deep stabilizers of the hips. In this series, we will also challenge the deep abdominal muscles by moving the upper body into different positions. Focus on tall posture as you do this exercise. It's a good idea to have a chair or table nearby in case you need a little extra support or help with balance.

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Today's featured Core Envy sculpting exercise: Superman Series. The muscles of the back are frequently neglected in many popular core training routines, though they are just as important as the muscles on the front side of the body. Try this Superman Series to help establish good muscle tone, good posture, and functional strength.

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Today's featured Core Envy sculpting exercise: TVA Activation. The transverse abdominis (TVA) is the deepest of the abdominal muscles, and most of us don't put it to good use. A strong and well-functioning TVA will improve posture, support your low back, and increase power output to your limbs. The first step to building a strong TVA is learning how to activate it on command. This exercise will help you make that mind-muscle connection.